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Pushfully® | Smart Electric Neck Massager
Pushfully® | Smart Electric Neck Massager - Pushfully Shop
Pushfully® | Smart Electric Neck Massager - Pushfully Shop
Pushfully® | Smart Electric Neck Massager - Pushfully Shop

Pushfully® | Smart Electric Neck Massager

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Connect your heart and mind in just 20 minutes TIMED!

Pushfully®, the smart massager that relieves your physical ailments and soothes your emotions with technology approved by certified doctors.

      The Pushfully® massager stimulates your blood flow to provide you with an incredible feeling of well-being. Find your alertness and face your challenges of the day far from pain!

      The strengths of our masseur 

      • Acts against chronic pain
      • Reduces sleep disturbances
      • Fights stress and fatigue quickly
      • Relieves neck, head and neck pain
      • Reduces shoulder tension
      • Promotes post-sports recovery (back)

      20 min massage cycles are triggered automatically by the Pushfully® massager. Our massager's technology allows it to intercept pain messages sent to your body VERY FAST.

      The therapeutic heat emitted by the Pushfully® massager will complement the benefits of electrostimulation. This electrostimulation in fact allows your body to produce endorphins, the hormone responsible for human well-being.

      Live, enjoy your loved ones and life NOW!

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      Super top sports and cardio performance! 

      Do you find yourself super exhausted after the workout?

      3 out of 5 athletes find themselves too anxious and toxic, this disrupts their body's recovery mechanism and therefore leads to sleep disorders. But sleep is very ESSENTIAL for a total recovery of your body and your mood.

      One of the goals of Pushfully® is to stimulate your body by increasing your blood flow.
      Can you guess the consequence ?

      Our smart massager allows you :

      • To reject all the toxins created by the effort
      • To relax all your muscles
      • To secrete natural endorphins providing you with a happy mood throughout your days
      • Improve the quality of your sleep
      • To get away from aches

      No need for medicine for muscle aches/aches, the Pushfully® massager takes care of you from A to Z

      Yes of course ! Stay away from tablets.

      The Pushfully® massager relieves all the tension built up throughout your day with just 20 minutes of use. Whether it's stress, neck pain, fatigue, body aches, the Pushfully® massager is the one you MUST NEED .

      All your daily pleasures (good mood, well-being...) are combined in the use of this super efficient massager approved by physiotherapists !

      Live a unique wellness experience thanks to the Pushfully® massager !

      After a sports session, on the way, in the metro, in front of the screen, give yourself a moment of good humor and relax your muscles by combining the sensation of a HANDMADE massage and that of a hot towel carefully placed on your neck.

      Get TOTAL body comfort wherever and whenever you want with the Pushfully® Massager !

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      Your well-being, our first priority ! 

      Our Pushfully® Massager :

      • Relieves neck pain and muscle tension
      • Promotes sports recovery
      • Increases your blood flow
      • Relieves migraines
      • Kill headaches
      • Fight against stress, fatigue and anxiety


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